Learn how to freeze cabbage (Blanching or with out blanching)

Learn how to freeze cabbage (Blanching or with out blanching)

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Cabbage is an reasonably priced leafy vegetable that’s current in virtually each delicacies, making it versatile and important. 

It may be eaten uncooked or cooked and changed into a variety of dishes, from stir fry, cabbage rolls, to coleslaw.

It is available in varieties–there are common white or inexperienced varieties in addition to purple ones. On the subject of taste and texture, cabbages are inclined to range relying on their variation. 

For the most typical selection–inexperienced cabbage– this kind has darkish to pale inexperienced outer leaves with a rubbery texture when uncooked. 

Different species like savoy cabbage have a candy style with deep inexperienced crinkly leaves. 

On account of its versatility and affordability, cabbage is taken into account an important veggie to have available. 

So in case you have an abundance of it, make sure you gained’t let it go to waste. However how do you protect them? 

The reply is easy–freeze them!

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