How Much Yogurt is Too Much Yogurt?

How Much Yogurt is Too Much Yogurt?

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Everyone loves yogurt! Yogurt is a globally favorite food and it provides many benefits too. Made by bacterial fermentation of milk, yogurt is considered to benefit digestive health by enhancing healthy bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, in addition to boosting the immune system. But is there anything called too much yogurt? Let’s find out. 

Yogurt actually provides many nutrients essential to the human body. Yogurt is also a great source of Calcium, and helps strengthen bones and fight against osteoporosis. Even so, consuming too much yogurt may bring possibly harmful effects.

Why is it no longer good to overeat yogurt?

  • Kidney Stones

Since yogurt is enriched with calcium, if you are consuming yogurt everyday, the increased intake of calcium may increase the risk of kidney stones. If you continue to overeat yogurt for an extended period of time, absorption of zinc and iron may be reduced, causing buildup of calcium in blood vessels.

  • Cancer

Yogurt is mostly produced with cow’s milk. Most of the time, cows are given artificial hormones and antibiotics to increase milk production. This would cause harmful effects to those who consume the milk in any form. High levels of these hormones would result in prostate and breast cancer. 

In addition to that, studies show that diets consisting of high animal proteins may cause cancer as well.

  • Weight Gain

If you are watching your weight, it is better to have a limited quantity of yogurt. Also, be mindful only to consume plain yogurt, without any artificial toppings or flavorings. Avoid yogurts that contain added sweeteners such as aspartame and high fructose corn syrup, that will spike blood sugar levels.

How Much Yogurt is Too Much Yogurt?
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What is the recommended amount of yogurt per day?

It is okay to have a cup of yogurt once or twice a day, but watch out for commercially produced yogurts which have additives and artificial flavorings. Always try to consume plain yogurt, or better yet, Greek yogurt, which is much healthier. Top it with natural fruits or bees’ honey if you have a sweet tooth. 

One cup of plain Greek yogurt is the recommended amount per day by medical experts, as it can help you reach your daily requirement of  non-fat or low-fat dairy products.

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