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Blue Black Hair Dyes 2021

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It is a general fact that every individual needs and expects a certain kind of change in their mundane lifestyles. Some try to change themselves internally whereas some try to change themselves externally by trying to add extra beauty to their appearance. In the meantime, some consider it as a way to boost their confidence and their personality.

Dyeing the hair is one such path that is popular among people. Women show a particularly keen interest in dyeing their hair rather than men. Women indeed try to show off their hair colors while men try to be discreet about the matter of dyeing their hair. 

There are series of hair dye colors that are used in this regard. However in this article, Blue black hair dyes 2021, we’ll be discussing things you need to know about blue black hair dyeing and some best products. 

What is this blue black hair dye?

First, let’s see what this blue black hair dye is. This is a combination of blue and black shades. These blue and black shades merge to create a beautiful, elegant and attractive look. The best part of this blend is that it looks different in different light conditions. Therefore this blue black hair dye is ideal for someone who wants a change in their hair color but still wants to have a natural touch in it. 

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Just make sure to choose the right color shade which suits your skin tone and style. 

Types of blue black dyes

These blue black dye types mainly come in 3 types

  • Permanent hair dyes
    The color lasts longer and requires re-coloring only after the new hair grows
  • Non-permanent hair dyes/ Semi-permanent hair dyes
    These dyes will last for 4-10 weeks until your next shampoo
  • Demi-permanent hair dyes
    Lasts longer than the semi-permanent products as the color deposits deeper within each hair strand.

Blue black hair dyes 2021

  1. Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme 22- Intense Blue BlackGarnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme 22
  • A permanent hair color
  • Delivers rich, long-lasting color with 100% gray coverage giving you a healthy-looking outlook.
  • Best for all those who have their natural hair between light brown and black
  • Gives you a vibrant glow in your hair
  • Blended with three oils- avocado, olive and shea
  • This comes in a no-drip, creamy formula making it easy to apply over
  1. Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color, Natural Blue Black [12]
  • Unique 3D Color Gel Technology
  • Total gray coverage
  • UV defense
  • This is free of ammonia that damages your hair.
  • Enriched with contents like shea butter and mango
  • Packed with essential vitamins, keratin protein and silk amino acid that make your hair softer, shinier, stronger and healthier
  1. L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Hair Color 2BL Black Sapphire
  • Features a fade-defying formula that delivers long-lasting results.
  • Best for a highlight or a complete hair transformation. 
  • Contains a gel-like texture which makes it easier to apply
  • Enriched with vitamin E, camelina oil, antioxidants and UV filters giving your hair, a healthy look.
  • Comes with a conditioner that helps to maintain the vibrancy of your hair well.
  1. John Frieda Precision Foam Color, Blue Black 2A
  • A permanent hair dye
  • Keeps hair smooth, shiny and strong
  • Lessens the chances of permanent stains on clothes and body parts
  • The dye forms foam that makes it easy to apply.
  • The blue color will glow in the light
  • The package contains a colorant, developer, gloves and hair conditioner
  • Has gray coverage and it is fade resistant.
  1. Clairol Natural Instincts Crema Keratina Hair Color Kit Blue Black dye
  • A non-permanent option 
  • Suits best for those who have dark hair
  • Contains Keratin and coconut oil that helps to reduce frizz while protecting and making it smoother
  • This will give you an enhanced black color with a cool blue tint
  • Does not contain ammonia making it a safe option to avoid hair damage
  • Since it is non-permanent, it never penetrates the shaft
  1. Nice’n Easy [2BB/124] Natural Blue Black Permanent Hair Color 1 ea
  • A permanent option that can last for up to 2 months
  • Gives you a more natural outlook
  • Best for those who are with allergies since it makes sure that no allergic reactions occur because of its special ME+ hair dye molecule
  • Great at covering gray hair
  • This comes with a ColorSeal conditioning gloss that seals the vibrant and shiny blue black hair that you want.
  • Has a non-drip formula
  • This product is free of ammonia
  • Has the color blend technology that creates a multi-dimensional tone to your blue black hair.
  1. Vidal Sasson London Luxe 1BB Midnight Muse Blue 1 Kit
  • A high quality semi-permanent hair dye. Lasts for 8 weeks
  • Contains the hydra block color conditioner that prevents the water from fading your hair dye
  • The color is expected to last up to 40 washes
  • Convenient and beginner-friendly product
  1. Godwell Topchic Hair Color 2A Blue Black

Godwell Topchic Hair Color 2A Blue Black

  • Gives your hair an irresistible shine
  • Works well for sensitive scalps
  • This is infused with pantheon and hydrolyzed wheat protein which helps to strengthen your hair and repairs damaged follicles
  • Helps to increase moisture levels, increases volume and gives a fuller appearance with a glossy shine
  • Lasts for about 8 weeks
  1. Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Color #130 Blue Black

Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Color

  • A semi-permanent hair dye
  • This product deposits natural-looking color on each strand and makes your hair strong and resilient
  • This formula contains no peroxide, ammonia, alcohol or any other harsh ingredients. Therefore it will not damage your hair
  • The conditioner will nurture the hair from to toe and lock the colors for enduring results
  • This will also repair the damaged cuticles while enhancing the shine
  • Lasts for longer than other semi-permanent hair dye brands
  1. Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Permanent Hair Color- 1 – 1 blue Black
  • A high-quality permanent hair dye
  • It lasts for about 7-8 weeks
  • The combination of the color crème and the color care developer will give you the vibrancy and long-lasting positive effects of the color
  • 100% gray hair coverage
  • Designed to give you hair the UV rays protection from pollutants
  1. Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color #88 Blue Black 1 ea


  • A permanent hair dye
  • 100% hides gray hair perfectly. Deposits a rich, natural color into even the most stubborn gray hair
  • It contains no ammonia or hydrogen peroxide which is good for the hair and the scalp
  • Gives a long-lasting effect on hair strands making it an ideal choice for your hair
  • It is in powder form making it deeply infuse into the hair cuticles
  • Also, due to the powder form, it can be used by multiple people with different hair textures.
  • Works for short hair too
  1. RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye Blue Black
  • Helps to give a mind-blowing outlook
  • This works best if you have darker hair
  • Adds additional depth and shine to your hair
  • If you wish, you can mix it with other RefectoCil tints
  • Since it is a smudge-proof and waterproof product, you don’t have to worry about the stains
  • Mix the dye with the refectocil oxidant that you buy aside from the package. That will give you the creamy paste consistency. Then you can use the applicator to apply the paste.
  • Lasts for about 6 weeks
  1. Epielle Hair Color for Women Blue Black [Pack of 2]
  • A permanent hair dye
  • Creates a lustrous and vibrant outlook
  • Fade-resistant and long-lasting color
  • This product is free of ammonia
  • The rich non-crème formula works well with your natural tone and highlights the natural look for the hair
  • This contains a formula that is made up of built-in conditioners that provide extra moisture to the hair
  • The product includes gloves, color developer and the base color
  1. Nairobi Tru Colors Semi Permanent Hair Color #2 Indigo [Blue Black] Hair Color Unisex
  • A semi-permanent blue black dye
  • Lasts up to 3 or 4 weeks
  • Gives you a beautiful vibrant color
  • Contains  a gentle formula
  • Free of ammonia or peroxide
  • This product is unisex and can be used on any hair type
  1. Developus Satin Blue Black Hair Color 1BB 3 Ounce
  • A permanent hair dye
  • One of the most effective and long-lasting hair colors available in the market
  • Contains everything in one pocket
  • Provides excellent gray coverage
  • Has a unique micro color technology
  • Contains no strong smell
  • Less than 1% ammonia
  • Reconstructive base lets you dye easily
  • The unique mixture of proteins keeps your hair healthy and shiny
  • The natural ingredients it contains to make sure that your scalp is not devoid of their nutrition and damage the hair

How to apply it to your hair

  1. Bleach
    This is the first step. This is to get the best results. You can do this once if you have dark hair. But if you have a very dark base you have to do more than one bleaching session to lighten your hair. Also, you could skip this if you have lighter hair color. Make sure your hair is not damaged before bleaching.
  2. Dye
    Once you’re done with bleaching, you have to start the dyeing process. First, section your hair. Apply the dye in each section. Make sure not to exceed the time limit mentioned in your product. Then rinse your hair and you’ll have the color you want. Read how to get the blue black hair color right. Please read the instructions that come with the product you are purchasing. These are the general steps to use blue black hair dye on hair.

How to apply it to your hair

Before you use, make sure to,

  1. Check the quality of the product [the price, the chemicals, application process and the durability]. Make sure that they don’t use any harsh chemicals that can damage your hair. Learn about the product you’re trying to purchase. Read comments and reviews. Check out these Harsh Chemicals Found in Most Hair Dyes that you should avoid
  2. Go with gentle products. Ensure there are no harsh chemicals used in the product.
  3. Pick a blue black color that suits your particular skin tone and your style. Not all the colors suit you. Do not regret it later on. 
  4. Purchase products with deep conditioning properties.
  5. Determine your needs. Whether you need a temporary hair dye or a permanent one.
  6. Decide whether you could do it on your own. If you are not sure of it, get help from someone or seek the help of a professional. If you are applying it by yourself, make sure to purchase a product with non-drip formula.

After you dye your hair,

  • Give it good care and attention. Because if you do not do it right, then you might end up regretting it. And it will not be pleasant.

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