Best Time To Eat Yogurt

Best Time To Eat Yogurt

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Everybody loves yogurt. Lately, there seem to be an increase in people’s intake of yogurt because of its advantages. But is there an appropriate time to consume yogurt?

There are lots of benefits to consuming yogurt. The vitamins fused in yogurt make it easy to digest and absorb the nutrition of the meals we eat. It also improves the immunity of the body by lowering the survival of harmful bacteria. We will discuss about the best times to consume yogurt to better reap the benefits.

Yogurt in the Morning

What is the significance of consuming yogurt in the morning? It’s the timeĀ  of day in which our body expects more vitamins. This may also assist your body to absorb vitamins better. Have some yogurt along with some bread for breakfast; this improves the effective absorption of nutrients. But you should be careful not to eat yogurt in an empty stomach, because fermented milk products like yogurt on an empty stomach forms hydrocholric acid and kills lactic acid bacteria in the milk product, which leads to acidity.

Yogurt at Night

If you make a habit of having a yogurt each night, it will help you to maintain the optimal calcium levels in your body. At night time, the levels of calcium in the blood runs low. Countless research show that yogurt is a great source of calcium, which makes yogurt a beneficial food to consume at night time.

Have A Yogurt Two Hours After A Meal

Have a yogurt as a healthy dessert! After a meal is considered as the best time to have a yogurt, since that would be when there is proper acid concentration of the stomach for the development of lactic acid.

What are the advantages of consuming yogurt?

  • Yogurt helps boost immunity of the body.
  • Yogurt relieves constipation, diarrhea, and inflammatory bowel disease (IBS).
  • Yogurt lowers hypertension and prevents heart diseases.
  • Yogurt promotes a healthy reproductive system and prevents vaginal infections.
  • Yogurt helps prevent allergies and infections.

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