Amazing hotel stay tips

Amazing hotel stay tips

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Like anyone who spends most of the year in hotels all over the world – perks of my gig! —I have discovered how to optimize stays in large and small ways. Forget about a property that promises “home comforts.” I rather turn my time away into a treat (where I can pick up the phone and order croque madame any time or sleep with 10 pillows cocooning me).

If it is “the early check-in trick” or to learn the names of people at the hotel, there are Hotel stay tips I can make the most of my night out.

Come early and stay late

The early-stay trick is key if you want to spend time lounging in the lap of comfort of your hotel. The “overnight” fits extraordinarily well, and feels long and long like a weekend away, as well when you’re out of town and hop every two or three nights between inns. If you’re loyal to a hotel party, they typically require you to prolong your stay by a few hours, depending on availability. You should simply keep in mind that checkouts early and late are not strange requirements if you are not included in a reward scheme.

Celebrate good times

Good hotels know that they have surprise and pleasure, apart from lodging. In advance, tell them if you celebrate anything—think: birthday, birthday, baby moon, children’s night, etc. This allows the property to provide you with advantages which you will have, whether it’s chocolate-covered strawberries, a bottle of bubbly, an early check-in/late check-out, or a popular upgrade to the level of the lounge. Call the hotel beforehand and let them know what you celebrate! If you do not mention it at check-in, please let your reception officer know how happy you are when you celebrate it.

Know what’s what

Arrive educated! Don’t get a zero idea at the reception of what facilities and additional fees are included. Do your research beforehand to avoid surprises and get to the ground. (Please ride to the spa’s eucalyptus steam room, register a bike for local explorations or take advantage of the hotel’s evening wine and appetizer time). See the advantages of your spa and advisory services in the hotel before your arrival, confirm all amenities with the agent you’re talking on when you arrive.

Ask and you will get

Don’t be afraid to request additional supplements. In 4-star and above hotels, small requirements are often complimentary, such as pinboxes, extra conditioners, ear plugs, coffee extra, a pint-sized dress, iPhone cords or pillow menus. Simply ask. Forget about your toothpaste? Just ask again.  Just ask because most of the time hotels have basic sundry products (they are only not announced).

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