Benefits of Having Lemon Water Before Bed
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6 Benefits of Having Lemon Water Before Bed

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Detox water is a trending way of life many people has adopted nowadays. Lemon water is a type of detox water that is more popular than others because of the added citrus flavor to plain water not only refreshes but also has health benefits.

What are the benefits of having lemon water before bed?

Helps you sleep

Lemon naturally balances the vitamins and minerals inside the body, and this stabilizes hormone levels and helps to repair muscles and joints. As a result, your body will relax and you will feel refreshed and energized on the next day.

Burns calories

It is said that having chilled lemon water before bed will cause the body to work harder to warm things up, subsequently increasing the amount of calories burnt. However, there is no scientific proof to back this theory. So, having warm lemon water would also help with calories, since water naturally helps to burn calories.

Boosts your immune system

Lemon comprises of Vitamin C which is its primary antioxidant, and this brings great benefits for the immune system as well as your skin.

Hydrates your body

Lemon water helps to replenish the hydration levels used during the day. Adequate hydration will result in electrolytes and essential nutrients to be transported to the cells which will in turn help to make muscles work more effectively.

Aids digestion

Having lemon water before bed will improve digestion and regulate bowel movement. Consumption of lemon over an extended period of time can also decrease constipation and related complications.

Benefits of Having Lemon Water Before Bed
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Negative Effects of Having Lemon Water

Even though lemon water offers you many benefits, it has negative effects too. There is a possibility of dental cavities as a result of drinking lemon water right before bed. Therefore, remember to brush your teeth after consuming anything before bed, not only lemon water.

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