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5 Amazing Benefits of Meal Prep

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Have you ever thought how easy it would be if you didn’t have to cook every single day? The constant grocery shopping, finding new recipes, having to cook and clean up the utensils and the kitchen before going to work in the morning and after coming home from work, too. The modern day solution to avoid this vicious cycle is meal prep. 

Meal prep is simply planning and preparing all or some of your meals beforehand, instead of having to cook each and every day. For meal prep you could simply cook in batch, or prepare dinner for the next day on the night before, or pre cook enough meals for a week, portion it, and store each portion in containers. 

You can also adapt meal prep to fit your dietary needs, and cooking expertise. Additionally, if you are used to a lifestyle of consuming fast food or takeout several times a week, meal prep would be a great alternative that would enable you to start eating healthy. 

5 Amazing Benefits of Meal Prep

Listed below are some of the most significant benefits of meal prep.

1. Meal Prep Saves time.

If you practice meal prepping the proper way, it will save you quite a lot of time. You can either cook all week’s meals on a Sunday night, or start out small by chopping the veggies you need on the night before and refrigerate it. Either way, when you come home after a long day at work you’ll be thankful to have a full meal waiting just to be microwaved, or that you’ll have all the ingredients for dinner, ready to go. This will leave you with more time to spend with your family or to get in some exercise, or to get more sleep.

2. Helps to Have Control Over your Diet.

If you are watching your weight or following a certain diet, meal prep would be an excellent way to adapt to. You will have liberty to decide the ingredients and portion size; you can limit usage of oil, sugar, and fat, and start increasing the use of fresh, organic ingredients selected by yourself, and gain complete control over the calorie intake by adjusting the serving size.

3. Helps to Manage Hunger as Well as Temptation.

Meal prepping enables you to manage your hunger since you don’t have to wait til cooking is done when you are hungry, as you have already have a home-cooked meal ready to be eaten. This reduces the chance of you overeating because you have been hungry for a while. It also helps you keep down temptation to get snacks, or go for fast food. This way, sticking to a diet will be easier.

4. Meal Prep Eliminates Food Waste.

Once you have a routine meal prep plan started, you will have an exact idea about how much of each ingredient each recipe is going to take. That way, you won’t have the vegetables or fruits you bought just rotting away in your fridge because you decided you are too tired to cook or to take a cheat day on your diet and order takeout.

5. Meal Prep Ultimately saves money.

Meal prepping will have all your meals ready for a whole week in one day, so you will only need one trip, two at most, to the grocery store. Also, it may reduce your expenses on groceries since you will need to buy everything in bulk. You can also plan your meal recipes according to any sales at your local grocery store or farmers’ market. Meal prep will also cut down money spent on fast food or takeouts. This also goes hand in hand with eliminating food waste.

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