3 Harmful Side Effects of Mobile Phones

3 Harmful Side Effects of Mobile Phones

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Many new researches have indicated that excessive use of cell phones cause many severely unhealthy and unwanted side effects. Most of these are caused by the microwaves transmitting from cell phones. Irresponsible use of mobile phones has become the main reason for it to have reached harmful stages. It seems that we are engrossed in the mobile world and have forgotten why we have a cellphone in our pocket in the first place.

Therefore, it is now high time to learn what are the unwanted side effects from excessive use of a mobile phone.

1. The Vibration of the Cell Phone

Sometimes we feel that our phone is vibrating in our pocket or in our bag. But when we check the phone there is no missed call or text. This event is known as Phantom Vibration Syndrome. 89% of youngsters are affected by this. This occurrence can also be mainly discovered among people who are addicted to social media. One of the simplest ways to combat this syndrome is to turn off the vibration option in your cell phone.

2. Blurred Vision

After we send an SMS to someone, or having to look at the small display of the phone after studying a piece of writing on the web, it causes an additional force in the eye. After having to look in opposite sized screens for a long time, your eyes will begin to ache. Ultimately, this may cause to reduce the vision and sight of your eye. To have clear vision and sight, place your screen about 16 inches away from your eyes. In case you feel your vision has reduced, it is better to consult an optometrist.

3. Cancer Risks

That is mainly because of the radiation frequency of the electromagnetic fields emitted from mobile phones. Whilst they are adversely affecting our body, they are able to cause cancers at some point.  This risk of cancer can be reduced by using earphones or headphones to make calls, and make it a habit to put the phone on your left ear when answering calls.

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