15 Completely different Forms of Beans (with Footage!)

15 Completely different Forms of Beans (with Footage!)

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There are a whole lot of various kinds of beans consumed all over the world. Listed below are 15 that it is best to get to know a bit of higher or probably meet for the very first time.

Beans have discovered their technique to the desk in each nook of the globe. Each tradition from east to west has a minimum of one kind of bean that they eat with abandon.

Contemplating what number of various kinds of beans there are on the planet–and all of the completely different flavors, textures, and colours they arrive in–this actually shouldn’t come as a shock.

In case you are taken with studying extra about this world-renowned vegetable, then strap in. We’ve obtained 15 completely different forms of beans. Lots of them you’ve heard of, a few of them you’ve eaten. However a lot you’ll doubtless be assembly for the primary time at present.

What Technically Qualifies as a Bean?

Broadly talking, a bean is a seed harvested from any species of Leguminosae. This group of vegetation, additionally known as Fabaceae, consists of an enormous number of flowering bushes, shrubs, and herbaceous vegetation.

This large definition makes use of the phrase bean as interchangeable with the phrase legume. Relying on who you ask, the definition of bean can way more difficult than that.

Within the culinary world, bean is commonly used to distinguish sure varieties of legumes from others. Peas and smaller pulses are sometimes not thought of beans within the kitchen.

By way of international commerce, beans are outlined because the exhausting seeds harvested from vegetation within the genus Phaseolus. These vines are all native to the Americas and embrace well-known beans resembling lima, black, and kidney. However this classification excludes many meals thought of beans in a culinary sense, resembling mung, chickpea, and fava.

For our listing, we checked out any legume with culinary purposes, dietary content material, and a glance that most individuals would agree makes them a bean

15 Completely different Forms of Beans

Lots of the beans listed beneath might be discovered at your native grocer, others are far more tough to trace down. In case you are a fan of the musical fruit, then it’s effectively price looking down a few of these lesser-known legumes to offer them a strive your self.

Adzuki Beans

15 Completely different Forms of Beans (with Footage!)
Adzuki Beans

Also called aduki or azuki, adzuki beans are in style in East Asia the place they’re most frequently cultivated. Adzuki varieties are all small in dimension and are available many colours, although purple is the most typical kind. 

These small beans are filled with protein, folate, and manganese. They’ve a uniquely candy style for a bean and are sometimes used in desserts like sesame balls and superfood brownies. Their uncommon taste additionally works effectively in additional conventional savory dishes like soups and curries.

Black Beans

How to Cook Canned Black Beans
Black Beans | Picture: Kirsten Nunez

Also called black turtle beans, black beans are one of the frequent sorts present in Latin American cooking. This can be a true bean in each sense of the phrase and is native to the Americas. It’s small in dimension and all black apart from a white dot on the hilum―or the a part of the bean that’s connected to the seed pod.

Black beans are wealthy in folate, manganese, magnesium, and thiamine. They’ve a light taste and a creamy texture, making them good for an enormous number of dishes. In Latin cooking, they’re typically ready with cumin, onions, and chili spices and utilized in burritos, enchiladas, and as a tasty, protein-packed facet.

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Black-Eyed Peas

15 Completely different Forms of Beans (with Footage!)
Black Eyed Peas | bhofack2 / Depositphotos

The black eyed-pea, also called the cowpea, is a dainty legume native to Africa. The commonest industrial selection, the California Blackeye, is predominantly white with a big black spot across the hilum. Heirloom varieties might be discovered with completely different coloured spots from purple to pink to inexperienced.

This light-weight legume packs a heavy hit of folate and copper and accommodates loads of thiamine. Black-eyed peas have a noticeably earthy style with some nutty undertones. They’re dense however clean and make an amazing addition to many soups and savory dishes. Salty elements and greens each assist convey out the flavour of those little beans.

Cannellini Beans

15 Completely different Forms of Beans (with Footage!)
Cannellini beans | Reanas / Depositphotos

Cannellini beans are the white number of the extra frequent purple kidney bean. They’re a real bean and are native to the Americas, however are in style all through the world, particularly within the Center East. Like conventional kidney beans, they’re kidney-shaped however have a uniform white shade.

These pale beans are a superb supply of folate, fiber, and magnesium. They’ve a milder taste than the purple selection and lend themselves higher to make use of in a wide range of savory dishes. Canned cannellini beans are sometimes processed with extreme quantities of salt, so remember to purchase no-salt-added merchandise or make these at house.

Calypso Beans

calypso beans
Calypso beans | gavran333 / Depositphotos

Calypso beans, also called yin yang, orca, or dalmatian beans, are a kidney bean hybrid. They’re one of the placing beans you’ll discover within the grocery retailer, with black or darkish purple ink-like splotches over a white background.

These placing beans are filled with iron and fiber. They’ve a taste virtually as distinctive as their look, one thing between starchy, earthy, and a contact muddy. It’s a delicate taste, although, and works effectively in a wide range of dishes. You possibly can add an additional splash of pizazz to your meal by changing pinto or cannellini beans with this Rorshack-looking legume.

Cranberry Beans

cranberry beans on black background
Cranberry beans | cebates2010 / Pixabay

Cranberry beans, also called borlotti, Roman, and soluggia beans, have an analogous look to pinto beans. The 2 are each from the Phaseolus vulgaris, or frequent bean, species, however have completely different taste profiles and makes use of. Cranberry beans are available a greater variety of colours as effectively, with purple, magenta, or brown stripes over a tan or white background.

These fairly beans are filled with magnesium, iron, and thiamine. They’ve a nutty, barely candy, style much like a chestnut. They lack the earthy undertones frequent to pinto beans and are greatest utilized in casseroles, soups, and stews. These beans are in style in Italy and are sometimes added to pasta dishes and used to create thick broth for sauces and soups.

Fava Beans

Fava beans in a spoon on a rustic wooden background
Fava Beans | bhofack2 / Depositphotos

Fava beans, also called faba or broad beans, are legumes however are solely thought of beans within the culinary sense. They’re one of many oldest crops cultivated and utilized by man, however their origin species has but to be discovered so nobody can say precisely the place they originated. They’re large, flat beans that change between tan and brown when dried.

These funky beans have a powerful quantity of protein and are very low in fats. They are often eaten uncooked or cooked besides by folks affected by a uncommon genetic situation referred to as favism(1). For these unfortunate folks, most of whom are male, consuming fava beans can set off the destruction of purple blood cells. 

For everybody else, fava beans are a scrumptious addition to many meals. They’ve a full taste that’s nutty, umami, candy, and simply barely bitter. These large beans are sometimes smashed to a paste and utilized in falafel, hummus, and numerous thick dips.

Garbanzo Beans

Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas) emptying out of a glass bowl onto a piece of burlap
Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas) | PDPics / Pixabay

Like fava beans, garbanzo beans are old-world legumes and have been part of the human weight loss plan for millennia. They’re generally referred to as chickpeas and will also be marketed as gram and Egyptian peas. They’ve a singular shriveled oval form and are pale tan in shade.

Garbanzo beans are low in energy and comprise an extended listing of vitamins. They’re in style in Center East delicacies however are used all over the world. Along with falafel and hummus, these little peas make wonderful additions to salads and grain dishes. Their delicate taste, which is starchy, barely nutty, and only a contact sulfury, makes them an ideal candidate for vegan chicken salad sandwiches.

Inexperienced Beans

Green Beans
Inexperienced Beans | pixel1 / Pixabay

The time period inexperienced bean is used to explain the unripe fruit of varied sorts of frequent beans, together with kidney, pinto, and white beans. Whereas of their immature type, caught contained in the pod, there may be little or no visible distinction between these varieties.

The vitamin content material and look of inexperienced beans are additionally comparable throughout the various sorts. These younger beans are filled with nutritional vitamins C and A and comprise many important minerals. When cooked plain, inexperienced beans have a contemporary, barely grassy taste. They shouldn’t be eaten uncooked as a result of presence of lectins, which may upset the abdomen.

Kidney Beans

Red Kidney Beans
Crimson Kidney Beans | PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

Crimson kidney beans are one other frequent bean native to the Americas. They’re named for his or her blood-red coloring and kidney form. They arrive in a wide range of shades from pale purple to deep crimson. Cannellini beans are the white number of any such bean.

Kidney beans are excessive in iron, folate, and fiber. They’ve a dense texture and a daring nutty taste with a barely bitter or metallic undertone. They require a very long time to prepare dinner and make an amazing addition to gradual cooker meals. You’ll discover kidney dishes in a wide range of Creole meals, chili, casseroles, and salads.


Red Lentils
Crimson Lentils | Jerzy Górecki / Pixabay

Lentils are small legumes native to the fertile crescent. They’ve been cultivated by people for millennia and have been bred into a number of varieties. The commonest sorts are inexperienced and purple, however additionally they are available numerous shades of yellow, brown, and orange.

Pound for pound, lentils pack extra protein and folate than every other kind of bean. Various kinds of lentils have completely different flavors. Some are earthy or spicy and a few barely candy. Lentils are a staple in Indian delicacies and likewise make nice additions to grain dishes, soups, and stews.

Lima Beans

White Lima Beans surrounding and inside of a wooden bowl
White Lima Beans | ajafoto / Depositphotos

Lima beans, also called butter, seiva, and wax beans, are a unique species of Phaseolus than the frequent bean. They’re massive, flat, white or inexperienced -colored beans that have been first cultivated by tribes within the Andes way back to 2000 BC.

Lima beans are a higher-starch bean with loads of protein, folate, and potassium. They’ve a clean, buttery texture and a mildly candy and nutty style. Lima beans are in style in South American, Indian, and American delicacies and are sometimes present in soups and succotash. 

Mung Beans

Mung Beans (Green Gram)
Mung Beans | PDPics / Pixabay

The mung bean, also called inexperienced gram, is a legume native to India. They’re small, spherical beans with a definite olive inexperienced coloring and are hottest in Asia, India, and the Center East.

Like lentils, mung beans are terribly excessive in folate and protein. They’ve a barely candy style and are a preferred ingredient in frozen Chinese language desserts. When cooked, they make a flavorful alternative for chickpeas and different beans in lots of dishes. They will also be eaten uncooked or sprouted and added to pad thai,salads, and extra.

Pinto Beans

Raw Organic Pinto Beans
Pinto Beans | VadimVasenin / Depositphotos

The pinto bean is one other number of the frequent bean native to the Americas. It is among the hottest varieties of beans eaten in Mexico and the southern US. These medium-sized beans have a definite tan coloring with speckles and stripes of brown or purple.

Like different frequent beans, these comprise loads of folate, manganese, and phosphorus. They’ve a daring taste that ranges between earthy, nutty, and muddy. Their clean, wealthy texture lends itself effectively to mashing and refrying. They’re a preferred bean to be used in burritos, tostadas, and different frequent Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes. 

White Beans

White Navy Beans in a Wooden Bowl
White Navy Beans | bhofack2 / Depositphotos

The time period white bean refers to many intently associated varieties, together with navy, nice northern, haricot, white pea, and Boston beans. All are true beans which have been bred from the identical plant that originated in America. They arrive in a variety of sizes, all with an elongated form and full white coloring.

White beans are loaded with b nutritional vitamins, fiber, and a wide range of distinctive natural compounds thought to battle most cancers and decrease ldl cholesterol. They’ve a clean texture and delicate, nutty taste. White beans are hottest in baked bean dishes but in addition make an amazing addition to soups and stews.

How Many Forms of Beans Are There?

There are over 400 varieties of true beans on the planet. For those who rely legumes exterior the Phaseolus genius, then there are much more–1000’s, the truth is.

Fava beans and lentils have been cultivated by our ancestors for millennia and true beans have been loved within the Americas virtually so long as people have lived on the continent.

With such a wide range of textures, flavors, and appearances, beans have grow to be a everlasting fixture on the desk, irrespective of the place that desk is positioned. In case your bean exploration has been restricted to solely the preferred sorts, it’s time to department out. The 15 varieties listed above are an amazing place to start out!

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