13 Celery Appetizers That Will Make Everybody Smile

13 Celery Appetizers That Will Make Everybody Smile

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Alright, alright. I do know what you might be pondering. Celery? Actually? 

Does anybody even eat celery sticks until they completely should, not to mention as an appetizer? I hear you however have a look at the intense facet with me for a second. 

Celery’s redeeming high quality is that it has a low-calorie rely. And an awesome crunch.  Don’t neglect the crunch! 

Who precisely stated celery is boring anyway? We’re going to bust that fable proper right here, proper now! 

Who’s with me? 

Or a minimum of keen to provide it an opportunity?

I’m assured you’ll love a minimum of one of many celery appetizer recipes beneath! 

If you’re new to utilizing celery, you could discover my submit on cutting and storing celery helpful, since having prepped sticks prepared is actually half the job for these finger meals recipes!

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